About Sharena

Sharena blog is dedicated to raising environmental awareness in the fashion segment.

The idea is to show that materials that are already used can become a modern accessorize and part of high fashion, and to reduce the prejudices against recycled material and the objects made from it.

Eco friendly, unique and colorfull

Sharena handbags and purses are part of the fashion revolution, a global movement for ethical, sustainable and transparent fashion.

Sharena combines passion for color, an ecological reflection of a world to which we must all show the responsibility and desire to be surrounded by beautiful, bright and useful objects that make us happy. They are mostly made from scraps of textile materials, something that would otherwise be discarded as unnecessary and which thus breathe new life.

Each handbag and purse is unique and result of creative flair, combining fabrics and patterns at the moment of inspiration.

Wear Sharena handbags and purses, look unique and become part of the global fashion movement!