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Five eco and sustainable fashion designers and their designs…

The list of sustainable and ethical fashion brands has been ever expanding and growing since  awareness of the need to rethink fashion had become widespread. Some of the first brands to make the list of reusers and remakers were Alabama Chanin, From Somewhere and Preloved. Young designers are coming up strongly with their own new approaches.


After her first company Project Alabama ceased to be, Natalie Chanin founded her second company Alabama Chanin in 2006, in Florence, Alabama, as a true representative of slow fashion. Alabama Chanin produces beautiful, labor-intensive, elaborate clothing mainly from recycled cotton t-shirts by means of a combination of different traditional techniques like stenciling, layering, appliqué and reverse apliqué, beading, as well as simple hand quilting and embroidery stitches. The effect is innovative and stunning, while following the sustainable tradition of the American South. Chanin also offers kits for customers to make her designs on their own through The School of Making. 


Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci started From Somewhere in 1997, in London. They used pre-consumer cutting-room waste, samples and production ends, as well as  post consumer waste, and upcycled them into beautiful, original, playful and sophisticated clothes. The brand closed in 2014, but is still inspiring many. 


Founded by Julia Grieve in Toronto, Canada, Preloved produces one-of-a-kind, rebuilt clothing from reclaimed and vintage fabrics. Their products are eclectic, sophisticated and fun, with intriguing mixes of fabrics, prints and colors.


Based in New York, Daniel Silverstein creates his unique zero-waste garments from a product called ReRoll, “the fabric of the future” as he puts it, which is made up 100% of pre-consumer cutting room scraps. 



Elina Priha is a textile artist and streetwear designer from Finland with a signature style of refashioning denim with patchwork and embroidery. All her garments are handmade and unique, born out of her exploration of denim-culture, which she took a step further.


Based in London, Christopher Raeburn started his eponym label as a leading advocate of sustainability and responsibly sourced style. With the RÆMADE ethos he since pioneered the reworking of surplus fabrics and used garments to create distinctive and functional pieces.  He uses kites and vintage parachutes, and other military stock for a streetwear utilitarian look.

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