Eco concious and sustainable accessories design

Let’s take a look at the innovative work and ideas of several environmentally aware designers

Of course, eco concious, sustainable and socially responsible design does not only relate to clothing fashions  but accessories, as  well.  As eco conciousness and the development of sustainable production models became widely not only accepted but expected, more and more designers took the „green“ making philosophy as their guideline.

Let’s take a look at the innovative work and ideas of several environmentally aware designers.


The first Freitag bag was created in 1993 by two brothers, Markus and Daniel Freitag from Zurich, out of the need for functional, sturdy and waterproof bags for their work. They used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and seatbelts from cars.  Nowadays, a Freitag bag is nothing short from a design icon and the firm continues to lead the way in sustainable thinking and practises. They continue to create quality products with eco conciousness.



Based in Barcellona, Demano produces a range of bags and accessories from promotional banners and surfing kites.



This firm from Danmark creates functional bags from industrial waste.

Wyatt and Jack


Wyatt and Jack, based in Bambridge, UK produces sustainable bags and accessories from upcycled beach deckchair canvas, broken inflatables and retired bouncy castle PVC.

Elvis & Kresse


This UK based firm is widely known for their innovative use of discarded fire-hoses for the creation of unique and durable handbags and accessories. They also repurpose printing blankets, parachute silk and leather offcuts.

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